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Richard Serson

Son of William Serson

Both Schoolmasters of Roscrea,Ireland



First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation



William Serson
Customs Officer CoWaterfordIreland
1848-56GriffithsValuationWiliamSerson SpringGardenAlleyParishTrinityWithout CoWaterford

d Perth Ont.
=Eliza Ellen Prescott

Elija Serson b Co.Waterford converted to Catholicism 1858Jan31

=John Cathcart bCoCavan parents Adam Cathcart=Bridget Smith CoCavan

m 1858Feb2 Perth R.C. both of Perth witness Bernard Cathcart

Mary Ann Searson
Res.McNab 1852 Census, Bromley Census 1861 p.7 =William Searson
 c1834MarchTwp Shoemaker of Bromley m1860Feb6 both of Fitzroy,witnessesJaneAn&Rich Serson Anglican Lanark Co.Marriages Register



John Searson
1811 of parish Killea Catholic
Bromley Census 1852 p.23 Log 1/1
Lot5Con8 well improved good land
100 acres 50 cultivated 32 crop 18 pasture
1961 p.5 Log 1 1/2
1861FitzroyCensusR.C.age50 from Bonishar

=Elizabeth Jane Robinson
bc1810Ireland of parish Killea
m1830Nov27 prsh.Templemore Co.Tipperary witnesses George&Thomas Robinson Anglican
1881age70living with son Thos.

William Searson =Mary Ann Searson

see above



Thomas Searson/Serson
b1834-5 farmer of Bromley Log1/1 Church of S. 1861BromleyCensus dc1913

=Marguerite Bowes
m1860Jan30 of Admaston RenfrewCo.MarriageRegP54 d1916Sept13

See separate family page


Ann Serson bc1835 lunatic




Robert Serson bc1837UpperCanada Carpenter of Huntley Conglist. 1861 Fitzroy Census p.58 1873 built St.John’s Anglican Antrim, assisted by Jacob =Matilda Bird
bc1841 Lower Canada notIn1871census

George Serson



Anna Serson



Maud Serson



Tilda B.Serson



Miles Serson



Fanny Serson =James Manley bDarralossaryCoWicklow son of Charles Norris Manly & Susanna Jane Ryder. James was 1st married to Margaret Robinson =Mr.Shane

Sarah Rebecca Manly =Franklin Adams

Married & moved to Wisconsin

Jane Ann Manly

lived with Mrs.Rankin near AustinUSA

John Manly crippled remained with mother


Winnifred(Winny) Searson bc1841 Anglican Fitzroy1861censusP17 =John Murphy bIreland of Fitzroy

James Murphy bc1858



William Murphy bc1860



Jacob Serson c1848 Carpenter of Huntley =? Anglican

Huntley1871Census living with brother Robert & Wm&Jane Rivington family



Isabelle Serson b 1851




Elizabeth Searson bc1851Bromley

=James Byers of Bromley bc1845 son of James&Margeret

m1868Mar27RenfrewCoMarriageRegister witnesses Walter&James Bowes Admaston


Robert Serson unmarried





Richard Serson unmarried





Matthew Serson =Jane Reaby see Reaby page
b~1791~1800 Co.Tipperary Ireland
d1865Feb15age65~73 Pakenham
St Mark'sAnglican Cemetery Pakenham Ont
Was a Theological student who was rendered hard of hearing by scarlet fever, learned carpentry & nail making,
m 1828Jan7 Borrisoleigh,Cashel diocese Rev.Benjamin Jordan the church was a plain building erected ~1776
Resident Moneygall Ireland when 1st 2 children born
Landed in Bytown(Ottawa)~1832
1842Census says they were in province 7 years
PakenhamAnglicanRegister 1852 p.189 Fine young family confirmed
Frame 1/1 L.12.C.4 100 acres 30 improved
Fitroy Census 1842 1852age51(p.17-19) 1861(p.14),1871(53/37/2)
Acquired land in Fitzroy Twp. near Antrim
built log cabin on bank of creek
1847built frame house where barn now stands  farmer,carpenter in summer,teacher in winter
The alter at St.John’s Anglican Antrim is a gift from William and Rev.John Serson in memory of their mother Jane Reaby Serson

Ontario Archives microfilm MS 103, reel 1; Proceedings of the Municipal Council of the Township of Fitzroy 1850 indicates that Matthew Serson was appointed along with 24 others as an Overseer of Highways.

Matthew had a cousin Thomas Serson

Thos.Serson age70in1851 shoemaker bTipperary

Elizabeth(Eliza) Serson b1829Feb1 Templeharry baptized Ireland age22in1851 d1888Nov18age59 StMark'sAnglican Cemetery Pakenham Ont.

lunatic or idiot, unsound mind, can't read or write, cripple since birth, unmarried lived with parents



Joseph Serson b1831Jan19 Templeharry Ireland

d1831Aug3age6months buriedTemplederryParish



Mary Ann Serson b1832Jan2Ireland bp1832Jul1TempleharryIreland

d1834May19age2 buried1834May20 ChristChurch oldest Anglican church in Ottawa



Richard Serson b1835Jun22Fitzroy bp1835Dec27 Godparent Wm Oliver&Susan Reaby 1851age16 1861age26 1881age45 d1918May21StThomasAnglican farmer lived in Torbolton, built Anglican Church at Antrim =Mary Jane Johnston b1835 d1895Aug19 age60 bd1895Aug21FitzryHrb Fitzroy1861age24 Fitzroy1881age46 LanarkEraTorboltonAug19 wife of Richard Serson leaves her husband & 2 grown sons. She was a sister of Mrs.Robt. Story & Mrs. John Baird of Fitzroy; Mrs. John McCue Balderson and Mrs. Noble Bennett of Lanark

William Edwin(Eddie) Serson b1867Jun9FitzroyCoCarleton 1881age13 bp1867Jul21PakenhamParish Anglican sponsr John Howe, WmSerson,Jane Serson cattleBuyer killedToOrFromBrothersFuneral

Frontenac Co. William E. Serson 23 farmer Antrim Co. s/o Richard & Mary married Nelly VanLuven 26 KingstonTwp d/o Anson & Mary, witn: Adam Roney of Kingston & Robert VanLuven of KingstonTwp 1889Nov20atMurvale


Hiram Serson b1869July25Fitzroy bp1869Sep19PakenhamParish Anglican sponsr Richard&J.A.Keays,Rev.C.P.Emery 1881age11=Victoria Shaw m1894Sep19MarchParish both of Torbolton Twp witness Thomas Baird,Alma Maud Younghusband

Hiram Johnston Serson b1896Dec18EardleyQuebec


Sarah Serson age14in1851

=Micheal Young 

See Micheal Young's family page


Jane Ann Serson 1851age12

=Richard Keays

See Richard Keays family page


Mary Serson
b1841Mar17AntrimFitzroyTwp Pakenham/Fitzroy Anglican
of Fitzroy m1863June24PakenhamParish witness Mathew Serson, Jane Ann Serson, John Sharp age10in1851 GloucesterRussell1881age40
=John P. Johnston ofGloucesterTwp

m1863June24 farmed d1901Feb2Hawthorne Anglican Buried St.George's HawthorneOnt #88 GloucesterRussell1881age48

Salena Johnston b1864March28HawthorneOnt 1881age17

d1894Nov1 burriedSt.GeorgesHawthorne


Edith Jane(Jenny) Johnston 1881age16 b1867Dec21HawthorneOnt d1933Jan10 bdSt.Georges =Norman S.Steacy

Steacy son


Lucie Elizabeth Johnston 1870-1946 1881age10 St.Georges#88 =W.E.Beaton  went west

son + 2 daughters


Emma Mary Johnston =James Stewart bc1870Hawthorne 1881age12

d1900May12age30yrs5months buriedSt.Georges#89


Gertrude Johnston 1874-1961 St.GeorgesCemetery 1881age7

=George Andrew Dixon 1874-1949

William M. Johnston 1881age1


Percy Johnston 1880-1969 Hawthorne Farmed Hawthorne Gloucester Township
Sold vegetables in
=Bethilda(Birdy) Dempsey
 1879-1964 both buried St.GeorgesCemetery#88

Hilda Johnston 1907Aug15


Emma Johnston 1909July8 RamsayvilleCemetery =Henry Nicolet their son Llyod Nicolet


Ernest Bower Serson Johnston 1912August31


Roy Johnston 1915Oct29-1996May


Norman Johnston 1919Nov1-1953age34


Susanna Serson b1842Nov3 Pakenham age8in1851

=John Johnston  

See John Johston family pages



William Serson age6in1851

=Martha Scott 

See William Serson family page


Rev.John Reaby Serson 

=Mary MacDonald

See John Reaby Serson family page