Son of Adam Charlton & Anne Gray

Thomas Charlton 

b1839Apr7EllicottvilleNY d1914Nov29NorthTonawandaNY Buried at Elmlawn Cemetary Presbyterian 1868movedToLyndochOntario CharlottesvilleNorfolk1881age41 1889startedTonawandaLumberBusiness 1890familyMoveToNthTonawanda By the 1920 Census  (January 4 & 5) Mary was living with her Daughter, Mary. and son-in-law, J. Albert Hobbie They lived at 175 Morgan St. in Tonawanda Ontario1871age33

=Mary Pollock McKenry
b1843Nov28GreensburgPennsylvania                 d>1920Jan4 probably Tonawanda m1862Aug29Iowa Both 1900 and 1920 Census say that Mary's father was born in Pennsylvania and her mother was born in Ireland.  Ontario1871age28 1881age37


First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation


William Thomas Mitchell Charlton b1863Sep15Iowa 1881age17 d1917NorthTonawanda Presbyterian
The 1900 Census shows:
1. 21-year-old
Germany servant, Mary Schumaker who was born in New York state;
2. everyone in the house could read,write&speak English
3. rented house 216 Bryant St. North Tonawanda age7in1871OntarioCensus
=Margaret A. Porter b1865OctPennsylvania d1940KansasCity mc1886
Wm.T.Charlton's granddaughter Mary also recalls that he died young of cancer of the throat between 1915-1920 at52 - 57 years old. Probably worked for the J & T Charlton Lumber Co. owned by his father & uncle.

Thomas Rex Charlton b1887JulyNorthTonawandaNY died?

=Ann Sullivan


William Roy Charlton b1888Sep NorthTonawanda NewYork died? Was in WWI.  Wounds forced him to retire from the service. 
There is a photocopy of a newspaper clipping about his wounds & retirement with a picture in the back of the book. On the back is an article which is about Pancho Villa's activities which places
Roy in WWI. Shortly after he left the service, Roy "disappeared up into Canada." Mary [Nolan] Charlton remembers that around 1938 when she was about 15 or 16 years old, Margarite [Charlton] Porter received a letter from a woman in Canada who said that she & Roy were married, and that he was alright.  Living in Kamsack Saskatchewan when enlisting in WWI



Robert Porter Charlton 

b1890Mar1NorthTonawandaNY d1957Apr19RochesterNY  Presbyterian

=Kathryn Genevieve Agness b1893Nov12RochesterNY d1977Jun11RochesterNY St.Mary'sHospital m1913May21RochNY Sacred Heart Cathedral Married by Rev. George V. Burns Roman Catholic

Robert Porter Charlton Jr. b1914Mar11RochesterNY at home d1986Apr14RochesterNY Roman Catholic =Mary Catherine O'Connor b1913Aug2RochesterNY d1977Dec16RochesterNY RCatholic

William Thomas Charlton b1915Feb22RochNY HighlandHospital d1990Aug10 VeniceFla =Dorothy Scott

Jane [Charlton]


Hazel [Charlton]


Harold David Charlton b1918Oct17RochesterNY


John Bernard Charlton RomanCatholic b1916 d2002Nov5 lung&skinCancer m1977Dec


Mary Kathryn Dorothy? Charlton =Clarence John Thomas? Nolan b1921Feb22RochesterNY 86MichiganAve. d1977Oct7RochesterNY St.Mary'sHospital Irish/German Roman Catholic

Mary Elizabeth Charlton 


Thomas Charlton

Mary P. McKenry



First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation


Ella Jane Charlton b1866Dec14LynedochOntario d<1963Dec23 1929TonawandaNY age4in1871OntarioCensus 1881age14
=John Hunter

Mary Genevieve Hunter =Henry Neil Marsh

Henry Neil Marsh =Carolyn


Eleanor Hunter Marsh =Robert Hillers


Eleanor Watson Hunter

=Francis Byrne


John Charlton Hunter b1897May3

=Jessie MurphyNo family


Pearl Wylie Hunter born:1902

=Susan Hunter


John McHenry Charlton b1869Jun2 probably Ontario 1929BuffaloNY 1871age1OntCensus 1881age11 d<1963Dec23 =Lacelle Wood d1900

John Wood Charlton =Eloise Durham



Laura Long




George Adam Charlton 1881age9 b1873Oct21LynedochOntario d1919NorthTonawandaNewYork



Mary Belle Charlton b1876Jun22LynedochOntario d1963Dec21NiagaraFallsNY Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital Irish/English Presbyterian 1929TonawandaNY m1903Apr28NorthTonawanda 1881age4
John Albert Hobbie
 b1874Apr3WatkinsNewYork (Now Watkins Glen) d1962Jul1LewistonNewYork 1stPresbyterianChurchLewiston physician from Tonawanda parents John A. Hobbie and Susan Hayes

John Hayes Hobbie b1904Feb25 d1992May27BuffaloNY


Thomas Charlton Hobbie b1904Feb25LewistonNewYork Graduate Cornell & Univ. of Buffalo Medical School d1986Mar11SodusNewYork Family physician in Sodus for 52 years Presbyterian =Elizabeth Morgan













Katherine Emily Hobbie b1906Jul27



Mary Elizabeth Hobbie b1909Jan25



Anna Rebecca Charlton 1881age0 b1881Feb8LynedochOntario d1964May18NrthTonawandaNY =William Archibald Thomas m1908NorthTonawandaNYork d1932North Town Nursing Home Irish/English - Presbyterian

William Archibald Thomas Jr. MinneapolisMN in 1964



Reba Isabelle Thomas =Frank J. Smith of 218 Grove St., Tonawanda




IN THE 1900 CENSUS IT SAYS: NAME Thomas Charlton/
1.  that Thomas's Father and Mother were both born in
2.  that Emma C. Moll, a 29-year-old servant also lived there.  She was born in
New York, her parents were born in Germany.  She was single.
3. that the children living there were George A., Mary B., and A. Rebecca.
- That would mean that William T., John M. and a daughter were already out of the house.
4. that everyone in the household, including Emma, could read and write and speak English.
5. that Thomas owned the home, with a morgage.
6. that the family moved to the United States in 1890.
- It is almost certain that they moved from
Canada: The newspaper obituary says that he moved to Lyndock, Ontario, Canada in the Spring of 1863. 
The three children still living at home were born in
Canada.  The family had large forest holdings in Canada.
The 1900 Census entry for the oldest son, William Thomas, says that he was born in Iowa in September 1863; so the family probably did not move to Canada "in the Spring" of 1863.  It must have been later.
In 1914, when Thomas died: the Thompsons lived in
Rochester the Hunters lived in Fulton the Hobbies lived in Tonawanda.
The 1900 Census shows the
Goundry Street address as in North Tonawanda; the 1914 Obituary makes it seem that it is in Tonawanda.
The date on the Census sheet is
June 5, 1900.  George was 26; Mary B. was 23; A. Rebecca was 19.  All three were listed as single.