Windows Server 2003 - Administration
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Microsoft introduced the Active Directory with the release of Windows 2000. This major release of Windows delivered an administrative architecture that will be a strong foundation for many years to come. This document is a guide to the many administrative features in Windows Server.

Windows Server Architecture

Although Windows has many administration features, its architecture was designed for the following.

32 or 64-bit Operating System
  • Preemptive multitasking
  • Scalable with multiple processors
Supports mission-critical applications
  • Memory protection
  • Recoverable file system
Support for native Win32 applications plus
  • Win16 and DOS applications
  • OS/2 and POSIX applications
Configuration databases
  • The Registry is machine specific
  • The Active Directory is enterprise-wide
Enhanced security
  • Kerberos authentication improves server connection time
  • Certificates can be stored on smart cards for authentication
  • Certificate Server can issue certificates for authentication