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How To Attract Your Crush Psychologically?

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It happens with everybody. The urge to do something so that our crush notices us is about the same for all the guys. Especially for those who have yet to make their first move. The shy guys who always try to find the perfect time and place to make their move are the ones who lose onto many opportunities. You wouldn’t want to be categorized in that segment, would you?

With this post, we bring to you some of the most amazing psychological ways by which you can easily make your crush attracted towards you.

1. Maintain eye contact

Eyes say many things even when they are closed. However, we wouldn’t recommend you to keep your eyes closed, unless of course, you are kissing ;). Maintaining eye contact gives you an edge over others. For starters, she will get to know that you are not a shy person. Also, if you are looking staring at her eyes, she will find you honest and intriguing. Don’t overdo it too. You need to find a perfect balance between being an intriguing personality and a freak.

2. Use lights to set the mood

Lights play a very important role in a romantic set up. If you have invited your crush over dinner, make sure that it’s a candlelight one. Use dim lights to send her psychological signals. She will feel the attraction you have for her and most probably, will replicate in a similar manner. Dilated eyes are even hotter than normal ones and which can be a better way to bring lightning to your advantage? Have you ever been with any of the girls listed in If you have, you will know how dim lights can make a woman sexy and hot.

3. Use better perfume/cologne/deo

Studies have shown that ladies dig for guys who smell great. See, the human is a social animal and how do animals choose their partners? By smelling them. I know that this is a pretty vague analogy to come up with but there can’t be better timing than this post. You have to put your best foot forward. Be it dressing smart or smelling great, you have to tick all the boxes in this checklist.

4. Make her laugh

There is nothing better than a humorous guy. If you can make her laugh at your jokes, half of your job is done. You need to be pretty bad in some area or other if you still can not get her attracted towards you. By laughing and smiling, she is indirectly falling for you and your sense of humor. You’d want this to happen no matter what the cost is. Even if you have to listen to stand up comedies all night long, you have to be prepared with some punch lines.

5. Tease her, but in limits

You can be a little naughty around her. Play with words in order to get her attention. Don’t shy away from teasing her every now and then. Again, like the previous things, do not overdo it. Touch her hands when you get a chance, look at her and smile. These little things bring in a lot of comforts and a sense of dependability. She will then start looking at you that way you always wanted.